Lazerdisk – Mélange EP


Pivoting is an important concept to understand. For some, it comes in the context of business and for others, in the context of life. For Lazerdisk, formerly Lazerdisk Party Sex, it came in the form of music. A combination of adapting tastes, an increased interest in crate digging and undoubtedly the effects of growing up led the formerly moombah-electro duo, originally from Burlington, VT, to pivot their sound quite a bit. Their latest Mélange EP, then, is truly their opportunity to show off their new sound to the masses. To quote from Lazerdisk themselves:

Mélange is a dance record. A marriage of past and present sounds embracing retro-futurism. The songs have elements of funk, hip hop and pop from the early 80’s that were inspired by our vinyl collection.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Mélange is literally dripping with vinyl inspiration and that “retro-futurism” the boys talk about. It’s an extremely refreshing departure from anything you or I have heard lately. Personally, as a fan of the original Party Sex, I’m such a big supporter of this new direction and love everything about it. You can cop the EP, which features collaborations with The Knocks and Craig Mitchell, via Lazerdisk’s website.