MMIBTY Interview with Solidisco


Solidisco swung through Boston this weekend as part of their mini New England tour that will take them to casinos, pools, and New York City over the long holiday weekend. Making their debut at Emerald Lounge, we took the opportunity to catch up with the duo from Buffalo. Young, bright, and thirsty are all great descriptors of these kids – check out what they had to say and be sure to keep a look out for the disco beat makers!

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MMIBTY: Hey guys, how are you doing, welcome to Boston!

Solidisco: Thanks man it’s great to be here. This is our first time playing in Boston together actually, so we are pretty excited for later on.

MMIBTY: Oh that ‘s awesome, how is this summer shaking up for Solidisco? Club shows, festival gigs – where are you finding yourself the most?

Solidisco: I’d say mostly clubs recently, heading down to New York City to play at Cieolo this Friday and then a pool party at Mohegan Sun on Sunday. That will be fun, we’re pool party DJ’s I guess (laughter).

MMIBTY: Have you noticed an increase interest in in disco bookings lately as the style seems to drawing more and more fans?

Solidisco: Wouldn’t necessarily chalk it up to these venues you wouldn’t expect to go, uh I guess, but I would say it’s more of a result of hard work as us as artists are constantly releasing new work and doing some great collaborations. everyone thought disco was going to make a comeback aftter the Daft Punk album,  but you don’t see a lot of kids trying to record “Get Lucky”, most of them are trying to make “Animals.”  

MMIBTY: W have been following you guys since we started this blog, disco always being very important to us. We have seen you giveaway a lot of tracks for free, grow as a brand, with Facebook  followers over 25,000 – what would you say has been the corner stone of your growth over the years?

Solidisco: Definitely not just one specific thing, it’s not like it’s a formula, but it’s important to keep making music, keep improving on it as well. It’s not neccesarily a good thing to pump out a new track every week and to actually focus and make the best possible sound. It’s also important to release everything from originals to remixes, free and Beatport – keep it fresh.

MMIBTY: Speaking of remixes,  tell us how you came to be featured as an official remixer for Chromeo’s hit single “Jealous?”

Solidisco: Well we actually asked them and they were really cool about it. So we were super lucky, but sent over what we had and they loved it.

MMIBTY: Right on, they are coming here to more for a DJ gig.

Solidisco: Oh really, damn, maybe we should miss our flight (laughter).  We both really admire them, amazing talent.

MMIBTY:  Any other new music we can look forward to in the near future from you guys?

Solidisco: Yea man, we have a whole lot coming down the pipeline, and with some collaborators you wouldn’t neccesarily expect – can’t drop any names yet sorry (laughter) just a whole lot of surprises. Not only disco too, disco is a feel for us and we love to play around with other sounds.

MMIBTY: Any particular tracks getting  great feedback in your sets lately, are your sets planned out or do they flow with the mood of the crowd?

Solidisco: Yea a lot of new ones, even the ones still listed as “ID” are getting traction, we 100% do not plan out or sets, creation and being able to innovate on the fly is super important when it comes to DJ’ing.

MMIBTY: Well looking forward to hearing what you guys decide to go with tonight, final question: being natives from Buffalo, are the wings as good as they say they are?

Solidisco: Absolutely man, I wouldn’t eat them anywhere else. I’ve heard a thousand times that someone has perfected the buffalo wing and believe, there is nothing that competes with Buffalo.

MMIBTY: Well guys good luck out there and thanks for taking the time to sit down us!

Solidisco: Thanks guys, great talking to you.