Artist Spotlight: Prince Fox

prince fox

New York City’s Prince Fox (Sam Lassner) has been making splashes lately and there are damn good reasons why. Last month co-founder Brian posted Prince Fox’s stellar remix of “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith, easily a mega hit of 2014 in its original form. Though I really enjoyed hearing Prince Fox’s remix at the time, I quickly forgot about it until tonight when I was finishing up dinner at a San Francisco sushi joint and it came over the speakers. The entire time I was at Tataki Sushi (really great restaurant if you’re looking for some Japanese eats) they were playing excellent tunes, but as soon as I heard the “Stay With Me” remix I jumped into my car and streamed through Prince Fox’s SoundCloud until I got home, to remind myself what he was capable of.

Now for some people I may not be sharing anything new, but for others I’m hoping I’m shedding light on an artist you’re going to fall in love with. My friend Ken joked that Prince Fox is like the first born son of Flume and Wave Racer and I think it’s a pretty good analogy. I’ve been on a huge Wave Racer kick lately (probably one of the best sets of HARD Summer 2014) and anyone who knows anything about dance music knows that Flume has been absolutely exploding all around the world over the past couple years. At the restaurant I actually thought the “Stay With Me” remix I was hearing was Wave Racer before I remembered it was just the next Future Bass star out of NYC.

And that’s really why I’m here: to make sure your eyes are locked on Sam Lassner. I call his style Future Bass, but he also has plenty of Trap jams out there too. A lot of Prince Fox’s productions are remixes of big name artists such as Deadmau5, Route 94, and Justin Timberlake. Even more, Prince Fox has caught the attention of fellow Future Bass stars What So Not, as he opened up for them tonight in Miami. Sam’s got over 10,000 SoundCloud followers and over 16,000 Facebook fans. He’s killin’ it on Hype Machine and now he’s opening for some of dance music’s biggest names. And the best part? He’s just a college student trying to get a degree.

Here’s Prince Fox’s bio on SoundCloud. Do him a favor and follow: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Rising New York City producer Sam Lassner, better known as Prince Fox, is quickly climbing up the ranks of success in the music industry. He is currently a junior at New York University where he studies music technology. In his spare time, he aggressively works hard at refining his craft and developing fresh sounds. Prince Fox strives to expand his versatility as a producer and surprise his fans with something new with each record. He plans to debut an EP or album this summer that highlights his signature sound, along with his impressive range as a producer.