Lana Del Rey – Shades Of Cool (Whiiite Remix)


Chris White has had my attention since I began listening to dance music. A staple in growth and cultivation of the scene in the LA area, Chris White has used his moniker Whiiite in every facet of the rise. Whiiite started as a resident at the legendary Control night at Avalon in Hollywood. Booking and DJ’ing was a lot of fun, but soon he began releasing remixes – and that’s when heads started turning. Whiiite has a sound like no other, playing trap before it was cool, and ditching it before the rest of us. Finding a new sound to a finished record can be tough, but one listen to this Lana Del Rey remix and you will hear what I mean. Shades of Cool has more shades and levels than ever before, yet still sounds similar to the sounds of Del Rey. Oh and if you like the artwork be sure to check out Whiiite’s original comic book series that he has paired with his recent EP releases! [Free download via his Soundcloud]