Welcome to my House. Come on in, have a brew, and leave with a few tunes for your collection. This series will be dedicated to the songs that I have wanted to post but have either forgotten to throw up on the blog or discovered a little late. The songs will consist of house of all types, so expect some Deep, Tech, Progressive, and Electro. I’ll only be posting my favorites so each installment should only be around 3 songs to give you the most bang for your time. So make yourself at home because my House is now your House.


First up, we have a new remix from Nick Van House. The pop sounding vocals on this one will leave your head bobbing for sure.


Next up, we have a remix of one of our all time favorites. SNBRN’s fantastic rendition of this track will impress.


Lastly, we have another remix from up and comers Win and Woo. Their take on the radio smash hit “Am I Wrong” will definitely turn heads at your next party.