Duke Dumont – Won’t Look Back (TREO Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]


This one’s for all you Progressive House fans out there. Perhaps at a main stage, during a closing set, with fireworks going off over festival skies. Earlier this week Duke Dumont released EP 1 which included the single “Won’t Look Back”, a huge song featuring the belting vocals of Yolanda Quartey. Because Duke Dumont is one of the most popular artists of the moment, and because “Won’t Look Back” is everywhere right now, I decided to take today’s post in a different direction. Enter TREO.

TREO [TREE – OH] are a dance music collective out of Los Angeles featuring Ace Future, Trevor Shawn, and Spencer Regan. While the group is relatively unknown to me, I was interested in seeing what their rework of “Won’t Look Back” would sound like when I saw it in my inbox today. Because I don’t typically favor big Progressive House anthems like TREO’s remix, it should say something that I’m taking the time to write about it today. Big synth chords combined with the phenomenal vocals of Yolanda Quartey make this remix something to really pay attention to. As stated earlier, I can see this remix making it into main stage sets by guys like Thomas Gold, Dirty South, and [enter Swedish DJ name here].

Give the guys in TREO a follow if you like this and you’re into other Progressive/Electro sounds!