Thievery Corporation’s Rob Garza Drops A New Tech-House Track [FREE DOWNLOAD]

rob garza re mana

Now that I’m living in San Francisco, I’m more aware of Thievery Corporation co-founder Rob Garza than I’ve ever been. Granted, I’ve been listening to Thievery Corporation on a regular basis since my Freshman year of college, but having seen Garza around The Bay (on stage Public Works for Hot Since 82 for example) a few times I was especially interested to see he released a new Tech-House song for free download today. As I said previously, I know Rob Garza for being one half of the founding team of Thievery Corporation, a musical collective that spans musical genres but always seems to reside in loungey, down-tempo, and trip-hop types of styles. While I know Rob Garza to enjoy many types of music including House music, I don’t know that I expected him to release a song like “Re Mana”.

Here’s what Rob had to say about the track:

During my travels in Mumbai last year, a Andrew Mackay from Bombay Dub Orchestra connected me with vocalist Vasuda Sharma for a tech house track I was working on. The lyrics “dheer dhariye Re Mana” are improvised during the song with “alaaps” and “Sargam” (Sa,re ga..) bascially meaning, “Have patience my dear heart.”

The idea behind the words: We get restless or disappointed when things aren’t the way we’d like them to be. in times like these, one has to remind oneself to have patience because, in the end along with hard word, it’s patience that pays off.

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