Bassnectar Declares Dubstep Alive and Well – Drops Latest Remix


Bassnectar declared on his website this past week that dubstep was alive and well when he released the latest track off of the Noise vs Beauty Remixes, RUN DMT’s remix of “Now”.

“To anyone who said Dubstep is dead I would like to put this song directly into your face :),” Bassnectar (Lorin Ashton) proudly stated the day the track was released.

This track, the third to be released off the remix album, features blast beats that bring back memories of the underground dub we all knew and loved so well in the late 2000’s. Combined with the smooth and sultry  vocal delivery by Rye Rye, this track will be an absolute banger at future Bassnectar shows.

Ashton was also quoted in an article this past summer as wanting to put all of his favorite genres and styles of music into his latest work and tour. So far, both the album and now all three of the these remixes (Loco Ono and Lost in the Crowd being the others) have featured distinct style ranging from hip-hop, trap and dub.

Check out the remix of “Now” right here on MMIBTY: