Codes – The Brooklyn Bounce LP


Earlier this week Rochester New York-raised/Brooklyn-based producer and DJ Cody Murray (aka Codes) dropped his first full-length album called Brooklyn Bounce. I like to think of Codes as our little secret – a guy who hasn’t broken out into the mainstream dance world, but part of me prefers it that way. We’ve posted several pieces of his work including his “Jack” remix and a review of his awesome performance a few years back at the Fool’s Gold Tent at Camp Bisco. Codes has a certain flare with his style of DJing and production – he’s certainly influenced by Hip-Hop but he brings the bounce to House music like few others can. Codes named his eight-song album after the sub-genre he created, also called Brooklyn Bounce. In an interview with Thump published this week, Codes boiled down what exactly Brooklyn Bounce entails:

“Codes specializes in a kind of bass-heavy electro that is unapologetically made for the turn-up…. Codes looks to the past to create his blend of upbeat, fun-loving party music—specifically, 90s-era New York City House, with guys like Todd Terry, Armand Van Helden and Danny Tenaglia as his chief influences. Throw in some hip-hop-style samples, the swinging drums of jungle and garage, and you’ve got what Codes calls “Brooklyn bounce.'”

With Codes’ Brooklyn Bounce LP we receive eight incredibly fresh tracks that he clearly spent lots of time with in the studio. The LP opens with “We Get Crazy” featuring Janelle Kroll (any relation to Nick Kroll?) and it’s already atop my favorite songs from the album. “We Get Crazy” almost epitomizes what Codes’ sound is overall – fun, bouncy, melodic, and absolutely has that 90s House feel to it. “Love Groove” is another one that gives me that 90s House feel and is a great overall track. One of the stand-out tracks for me has been “Feel Good Funky” with its sprinkles of Moombahton and some lovely House elements. Plus the line “feel good funky” is one hell of a hook. “Bodyrock”, compared to the rest of the album, is a little slower and deeper but it shows a different side to Codes’ production skills.

Overall the album is full of melodies, fat bass lines, driving rhythm sections, and generally danceable party tunes. Want some Reggae vibes? Head to track 8 for “Now is the Time”. The bottom line is the folks at Slow Roast Records (headed by Kill the Noise and DJ Craze) picked the right guy by having Codes as one of the poster boys of success. Filter through Codes’ SoundCloud page and you will see TONS of good music that you will undoubtedly enjoy. And give him a shout if you like what you hear!

Oh and Codes recently did a guest mix for none other than Pete Tong. Check out his skills on the decks!

Codes – Love Groove
Future Sound Of Brooklyn – Untitled
Alex Metric – Heart Weighs A Ton (Cassian Remix)
Codes ft. Janelle Kroll – We Get Crazy
Robosonic – Life Is Like
Henry Krinkle – Stay (Justin Martin Remix)
Codes ft. Craze – Body Rock
Redlight – 9TS
Stephane 1993 – Plaques
Codes – ZERO2100 (Clean)
Armand Van Helden ft. Duane Harden – U Don’t Know Me (Codes’ Brooklyn Bounce Remix)
Happy Colors & G-Buck – Worldwide (Codes Remix)