Bamboora Drops The Hard-Hitting “Tizona” for FREE DOWNLOAD

bamboora tizona

Boston’s Bamboora has made a name for himself around New England and the greater Northeast area as a polished DJ who has been destroying clubs, concert venues, and arenas over the years. Boston may not be a top-tier dance music city, but Bamboora has certainly propelled himself to household name status around the greater New England area when it comes to guys who consistently tear the house down. I’ve seen Bamboora spin everywhere from The House of Blues to Ocean Club to Splash, Prime, and even the humble Club Metronome in Burlington VT. Bamboora has always had a knack for spinning tunes that thrash around, get parties started, and flow into each other with flawless mixing [check out the exclusive mix he did for us HERE].

On the more recent side of things Bamboora has elevated his game to the next level. No longer is Bamboora just a DJ, he’s also a music producer. Today I’m here to present to you Bam’s newest track “Tizona” which dropped on Friday for FREE DOWNLOAD. Having heard Bamboora’s productions since they first started coming out, I can say with confidence “Tizona” is my favorite track of his to date. I’m not much of a fan of Big Room House anymore, but I certainly have a soft spot for some quality Electro-House which is what this track gives us. “Tizona” is a straight up banger with minimal vocals yet enough drums, bass, and electro-goodness to keep this listener satisfied.

It’s great to see how much Bamboora has grown as an artist and I wish him nothing but continued success. If you like what you hear let Bamboora know! And to all my Boston family reading this I’m looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible next week.