You Should Go Buy Kill Frenzy’s Taylr Swft Album

Kill Frenzy Taylr Swft

Kill Frenzy is a Dirtybird Records mainstay (plus Turbo and Pets Recordings) and he rarely, if ever, disappoints. The Belgian DJ/Producer who famously made that Booty Clap, who showed us the Naked Piano, who told us it’s For The Ladies, and so much more has released his debut album as of last week and it is worth your hard-earned cash to own it. The 11-track effort was released through Dirtybird via Beatport on November 3rd and you may be asking yourself what took me so long to write about it. Well, with any full-length album it takes time to completely grasp what it is you’re listening to, how you feel about the effort, and of course the multiple listens it takes for the music to grow on you. Kill Frenzy proved with Taylr Swft that he’s still a top-tier talent when it comes to producing tracks that are both unique and body-moving, which is a recipe for success in the dance music world.

One thing that continues to be reinforced about Kill Frenzy after listening to Taylr Swft is his love for the female body. Listen, sex and love have been two major themes of music since songwriting first began however many centuries ago, but there’s something about the way Kill Frenzy constructs his songs that makes it seem like the perfect combination of edginess and passion. Songs like “No Panties”, “XXX”, and “So Fine” are all tunes that refer back to the female anatomy in some way, or get the listener in the mood for a night of fun between the sheets. I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence that these three songs also happen to be among my favorites from the album, but that’s probably because the lyrical content matches perfectly with the instrumentation.

If I had to pick one song from the entire album to call my favorite it is EASILY “No Panties”. The beat is really what got me hooked, but those vocals naming all the ladies who have no panties on really makes it a fun and booty-shaking kind of tune. From the regular Dirtybird players throwing this one down at events like the Dirtybird BBQ and Dirtybird Quarterly, to Chris Lake mixing it into his Deep House set at Audio San Francisco, I know this tune is going to be huge for months to come. “Gorilla” is a dope track that samples the classic Hip Hop tune “Simon Says (Get The Fuck Up)” by Pharoahe Monche and, again, is going to be a dance floor destroyer. On the more chilled-out, funky, and soulful side we have tracks like “XXX” with a smooth slap bass line and sexy vocals, as well as “So Fine” which goes back to the female butt theme, something I see eye to eye with Kill Frenzy on. And of course the first single (with music video) “All Night Long” is a fantastic way to start the album off. I should also mention if you like the Catz ‘n Dogz’ track “Drop It” you’ll like “Alarms” by Kill Frenzy as they have similar elements.

Folks, Kill Frenzy continues to show us he’s a top-notch producer and if you haven’t seen him spin live that’s a real treat as well. Support the music you love and pick up the entire album at Beatport or on iTunes on November 18th. Cheers!