Matt’s House 005

Big House

Sorry about the delay, but I am back with the next installment of Matt’s House. This week I have a remix package that is sure to find its way into your next set. Whether you need that Progressive, Deep, or Electro you already know that Matt’s House is your place to get it.


First up this week, we have DallasK’s latest. DallasK has become a favorite here at MMIBTY and if he is new to you then you will enjoy this one. Check out his soulful progressive rendition of Electric Feel and be sure to visit his soundcloud for many more great tunes.


Next up, we have a BOMB of a tune from Charlie Darker. He has taken this song and added some junk in all the right places, if you know what I mean. Download this one now, you won’t regret it. Thanks to Kleex for the recommendation.


Last up this week, we have a Dr. Fresch and Tendra remix of Big Boi’s Kryptonite. Dr. Fresch has been featured on the blog multiple times and never disappoints in the realm of G-House. Add this one to your collection now and be sure to stop by next time for the best house music.