Odesza – Always This Late (Illenium Remix) [FREE DL]


Today we bring you the latest from Denver artist Illenium. Seeing most of his success in the melodic dubstep scene, he is back with a huge remix of Odesza. With much of his inspiration coming from artists like Seven Lions and Sound Remedy, it is easy to see how such a beautiful remix was produced. The pads are extraordinary, the samples are on point, and the breakdown is epic. Here is what Illenium, also known as Nick Miller, had to say about remixing Odesza, “When I put on their new album, this song really set the mood. I wanted to put my own spin on something that was already timeless and beautiful to see what boundaries I could push.” Grab this song for FREE! and be sure to check out more of Illenium’s awesome work.