MMIBTY Exclusive Interview: TESITORRA


It’s a rare, and awesome, experience when you get to meet genuinely hard working, talented and smart individuals in the dance music industry who are also equally down-to-earth. We were able to do just that  when we sat down with Victoria Avallone, who together with Victoria Mckernan,  are TESITORRA. This North Jersey-based duo has been kicking ass and taking names as they have established themselves as one of the top up-and-coming groups in the NYC area.

Playing at clubs including Pacha NYC  and Bliss Lounge, this duo is not only evolving their sound, but their business and marketing as well. Avallone has been busy as of late, producing new music as well as establishing their brand. TESITORRA’s sound is a mix of everything from dubstep to trance, and beyond. One thing is for sure, when you see these two, headbanging and hair-flailing on stage, you can’t help but get down to their awesome sound.

MMIBTY: When did you first become interested in music production?

TESITORRA: 2 years ago, my friend invited me to a Skrillex show, and my first thought was ‘I’m about to pay $50 to go see a DJ?’ But as soon as we got there I was on the dance floor and saw how the crowd reacted to those drops, I knew right then I wanted to be up there on that stage. 

MMIBTY: How about your first experience with producing music?

TESITORRA: Ironic as it sounds, I really got into trance music first, but now we mostly make more dubstep and electro-style music. When I was first starting out, I really loved the melodies and the vocals on a lot of the trance tracks.

MMIBTY: Now that you’re up there behind the booth just like Skrillex was that first night, what has become your favorite part about performing?

TESITORRA: Everything. Getting the crowd hyped and them wanting to be there because they are really feeling what you’re playing. Love smaller shows because you can interact with the audience.  The vibe between the crowd and performer is real, and that interaction is my favorite part. 

MMIBTY: If you could perform at any venue, large or small, where would it be?

TESITORRA: Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. That would be it. I could die happy.

MMIBTY: Who are your biggest influences both right now and in general?

TESITORRA:  I’m a punk- rock-chick at heart. That whole genre holds a special place with me. But in terns of electronic music producers, I have a ton of respect for artists like Seven Lions and Gareth Emery, they do a lot of work behind the scenes that most people don’t know about. 

MMIBTY: So, Krewella or nah?

TESITORRA: (laughs) I actually used to really be into them a little while back. I remember I saw them once and there was maybe 30 or 40 people in the crowd, but they killed it. 

MMIBTY: Last question, the whole Kandi Kids PLUR vibes vs EDM OGs debate, where do you stand?

TESITORRA: Let the kids have their kandi. It’s not about the bracelets, it’s about being able to look at it and say ‘I remember that awesome person I met on this night when I was seeing one of my favorite artists.’ It’s about that memory and that gift you’re getting from someone that took their own time to make it. When things get “too cool” people are going to hate, that’s the bottom line. PLUR (peace, love, unity, respect) on the other hand, I unfortunately have seen way to many people that simply do not practice what they preach both in and out of the industry.

A big thanks to TESITORRA for sitting down with us and sharing their thoughts and experiences. Check out their remix of “How You Love Me” by 3Lau