Best of 2014: Remixes

There is just something about the remix that is so enjoyable, maybe it is the familiarness that comes as we may have previously enjoyed the piece as an original. The remix is a powerful tool for artists today as they are able to take a track and put their own twist on something that people can only enjoy more in many cases. It is also a chance to breathe fresh air into songs of the past that may have escaped our generation for one reason or another. This list spans a range of genres from the likes of deep house to future bass to nu-disco and more. Classic artists like Diplo and Big G continue to make this list while they are joined by the young guns Kygo, Hotel Garuda and SNBRN. This is a super fun playlist with a little bit of something for everyone so be sure to check out all the goods below and we cannot wait to see wait 2015 will bring us!