Bird Peterson Drops Two And A Half Hour ‘Drankenstein Infinity’ Mixtape


It has definitely been a while since I posted a mixtape, and it has probably been even longer since I have posted a mix consisting mainly of trap. With that said there is always an exception to any rule and in this case it is the two and a half hour long Drankenstein Infinity mix from Mad Decent’s own Bird Peterson that fills the void. Peterson has been running the trap pretty consistently for a few years now and there is no doubt this guy has an amazing level of song recall as he runs through dozens and dozens of rap and hip-hop tracks from the 90’s until today. One thing that really impressed me about this mixtape was Peterson’s ability to utilize lyrics from multiple tracks simultaneously almost creating a brand new third track. I know that two and a half hours of trap may seem overwhelming but trust me this mix consists of so many throwbacks I can guarantee it will bring a smile to your face at somepoint, enjoy!