House Thing 007

We are back with the 7th installment of Matt’s House, and this week I am holding true to the vision of bringing you the very best across the House genre. Though we are busy posting our very best stuff from 2014, new music keeps pouring in. With so many great tracks crossing my path it is always super hard to bring you my top 3 from week to week, but that is exactly what helps me to bring you only the very best assortment. This week we have a broad spectrum from some gospel sounding house, to some jazzy house, to some of that good old soulful funk. Check these out now!


First up, we have a beautiful track from Dennis Kruissen. This song has some soul to it, check it out now.


Next up, we have the latest from Mozambo. These guys have been filling up my Soudcloud feed from months now with awesome music. Check out this tune and be sure to check out some of their other awesome music.


Lastly we have a funky song that is actually a year old. This one goes in the “In Case You Missed It” category, but should be enjoyed never the less. Thank Dooqu for this tune and be sure to check out their other tunes while you’re at it.