Satin Jackets feat. Esser – Shine On You


An admittedly old but pleasantly familiar name popped up in my life yesterday. Satin Jackets is back. The producer first caught the attention of myself (and many others) a few years back with the release of his track “Make Me Feel Good.” Since then, he seems to have remained rather quiet, save for a few mixes here and there (which, I discovered, are very worth your time) and his Foreign Affair EP that dropped about 6 months ago. Remember, Satin Jackets came onto the scene before “tropical house” was a thing and The Magician was still one half of Aeroplane. That makes him kind of an expert in this type of house music and he shows on his latest track “Shine On You” that he hasn’t lost his touch. The record plays through a lot like you might expect an RAC track to and is quite indie, yet undeniably danceable and fun. When all I can think about when I hear Thomas Jack playing an 8-hour set is, “who wants to pretend like they got stuck in an elevator for 8 hours?” – it makes it all the more refreshing to hear some unique music like this.

And in case you needed a refresher…