Wax Motif – Since I Left You [FREE DOWNLOAD]

wax motif since i left you

Wax Motif is a fucking legend. I’ll spare you the stories from Holy Ship 2015, but let’s just say he was a combined life of the party and one of the best sets I saw on the ship. Wax Motif’s style is quite dynamic – the Aussie can throw down melodic House music (like today’s post), he can throw down G-House, and even straight Hip Hop. Waxy, as he has become known, is a beloved member of the HARD family and a close friend of Gary DESTRUCTO Richards. It’s great to see all the collaborations coming out between Destructo and Wax Motif, and to see Waxy frequently on tour with the HARD family.

Back on Wednesday Wax Motif released “Since I Left You”. As I said above, it’s less of a G-House or Hip Hop-inspired song, and more of a melodic feel-good House track. Waxy writes of the song:

So this is a track I did almost over a year ago now. It was during a really difficult time for me as I was new in America and my ex and I had just split up. I was just crashing out on people couches or guestrooms, whoever would have me, while I tried to figure out if I was gonna even keep going with music. It was a Friday night and I really didn’t feel like going out and my friend who I was crashing with had a studio so I sparked one up and this is where “Since I Left You” was born.

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