Celebrate 10 Years of Dirtybird!

dirtybird 10

Ten years is a long time for an independent label to survive in music, let alone thrive, but since its inception, DIRTYBIRD has done just that. House and techno with influences from hip-hop, drum ‘n’ bass & funk, DIRTYBIRD’s releases have blazed a path and created their own genre. Over the years, “Sounds like a DIRTYBIRD track” has become a definitive explanation for house music that is fun with lots of bass. Even now in this crowded landscape a DIRTYBIRD release still feels a little bit special, not surprising, given that each and every release, even those from long-time dirtybird cohorts, still have to pass Claude VonStroke’s rigorous quality control.

-Matt Whitcomb, Infamous PR

The more I write about Dirtybird the more I struggle to come up with unique ways to talk about one of my favorite record labels. From seeing Claude VonStroke perform at a dusty Electric Zoo in its second year (my first real experience with live DJ acts) to being stuck on a boat in the middle of the Caribbean with artists like Justin Martin, J. Phlip, and Shiba San to blasting tracks on my speakers by Christian Martin, Ardalan, Nick Monaco, and so much more – my love for dance music has grown thanks in large partyto my growth in love for Dirtybird.

I feel like it was just yesterday that I was writing about the Dirtybird BBQ compilation that dropped early in 2014 – a collection of fantastic booty bass House tracks that any fan of funky dance music needs to own. And even more recently when I had the pleasure of listening to Kill Frenzy’s Taylr Swft album, undoubtedly on repeat. And of course all the Dirtybird singles, EPs, and remixes that came out over the past year and beyond. But alas, we’re here today, barely a week after the Dirtybird 10 compilation dropped and us booty bass fans have 14 fresh tracks to try and get sick of (that’ll be a challenge!).

Dirtybird 10 features all the heavy-hitters you’ve grown accustomed to rocking out to: Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, Eats Everything, Doorly, Catz ‘n Dogz, and even relative-new-comer-but-crowd-favorite Shiba San. The most obvious stand-out track for me, and one I’ve desperately been waiting for, is “Function” by Ardalan & Justin Martin – talk about a banger! All the Dirtybird DJs have been spinning this one for a while and it was especially prevalent on Holy Ship this year. I’m also a really big fan of Claude VonStroke’s “Big Ten” which reminds me a bit of his track “Can’t Wait”. Shiba San comes in smooth with “I Can’t Remember” and while not quite the dance floor destroyer that “OKAY” is, it still shows his superb production skills. “Yoghurt” is another early favorite on the album by a guy named Jack Ward, someone I’m going to have to dig more into since I’m not all that familiar with him. The track is fun and quirky and packs plenty of funk without any lyrics. Eats Everything gets a little different by going Acid House on his track “Robots Are Cooool”. And you can’t count out Catz ‘n Dogz nor Doorly for their continued superb efforts.

As always, all artists on this compilation brought their A-Games and though I’m pumped to finally have these tracks for use on my own speakers, I’m even more excited to see them thrown down live this Friday at the official Dirtybird 10 release party. In typical fashion the Dirtybird team will be hosting their Dirtybird Quarterly party at Mezzanine San Francisco, only this time it’s even bigger with a combination album release party. The show starts at 9pm and tickets are only available at the door – make sure to get there early so you can get in!

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