Lights Out: New Music, New Tour, New Experience


A little while back, we had the pleasure of sitting down with New Jersey’s Victoria Avallone of Tesitorra. We discussed everything from musical inspirations to favorite venues to perform at. She announced to us that there were big things in the works coming, and she did not disappoint. This week, she announced that she will be joining forces with fellow up-and-coming New Jersey producer Griffon, and will be embarking on a massive spring tour. Together, the duo forms Lights Out, and will be tearing up a club near you on the East Coast.

Lights Out will have a versatile catalog of music at their disposal. Playing everything from electro to trap, along with some surprises thrown in the mix! This duo will surely be making some serious noise on their first major tour.

“We are really excited to transition into this new experience, we are looking to try new things like live mixing and vocals, along with adding an edgier sound,” Avallone detailed to MMIBTY.

Last week, Avallone and Griffon took to the booth at the Bliss Lounge in Clifton, New Jersey, and did not disappoint. They had not yet formally assumed their new identity for this performance, but it was clear this duo feeds off of each other extremely well.

Catch Lights Out on their upcoming spring tour and be sure to check out their SoundCloud page for new music and info!