MMIBTY Interview with Woolymammoth


This past friday (2/6) we witnessed an amazing show at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco where the likes of Woolymammoth, Minnesota, Protohype and Excision absolutely slaughtered the 150K watt PK sound system. One of our writes, Michal Tyszkiewicz, received the gracious opportunity to sit down with the up and coming star Woolymammoth to discuss how he has become the artist he is today and enlighten the public on how he has swiftly taken the industry by storm.

MMIBTY: My Music is Better Than Yours

WM: Woolymamoth

MMIBTY: Where did you debut your career?

WM: I debuted my career at this super awesome festival called Northern Nights Music Festival. Its a dope festival tucked away in the woods.

MMIBTY: How did you become involved with Mad Decent?

WM: My manager started communicating with them, and they said they were down to release a song I did with BeazyTymes called Unsound Mind on their label. Ever since then we have been keeping a very close connection with them.

MMIBTY: How did your adolescence influence your music?

WM:  I grew up in San Francisco and was classically trained in piano. My family and I moved out of the city to a small town called Lafayette. Thats where I buckled down pretty hard and started to produce seriously. Since there wasn’t much going on in the town it allowed me to have less distractions toto fully concentrate on my music.

MMIBTY: What was your best/favorite moment of touring in 2014?

WM:  Snow Globe was one of the craziest, bigger crowds I’ve played in front of, but the best moment was austin Tx. It wasn’t to big of a venue, but the energy there was awesome and i had great connection with the crowd.

MMIBTY: What was your influence for the name Woolymammoth?

WM: One of my friends Adrain thought of it on a Facebook post years ago. My last name is Wool so it really spoke to me. I think my music has a tribal sound  and i thought woolymammoth captured it perfectly.

MMIBTY: Who is your favorite artist to work with? Collab, Dj ect?

WM:  My favorite artist to work with would have to be with DIVERSA, he’s a very unique and talented artist.

MMIBTY: What was your biggest mistake as an artist/performer and how did you fix it?

WM:  There isn’t one specific time. I guess you think your going to do a lot more before you go up in front of the crowd for example, not gigin enough before the show and not giving it your all in some cases. Those are the mistakes I have to work on.

MMIBTY: What are/were you doing other than DJing/Producing?

WM: Well right now I’m not doing anything besides preforming since I’m still in High School, but preforming defiantly helps with money and just being able to save up for whatever I’m going to do after high school.

MMIBTY: If you could do it all over again what would you do differently?

WM: I’m not sure that i would do anything differently, and I’m not saying I’ve taken a perfect path, but its defiantly ok to make mistakes along the way. if anything, I would have wanted to be trained to play the piano from a younger age. it makes things much easier as an producer.

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