Lucent Dossier Experience – “Light of the World” [New Album + Show]

Album Cover - Light Of The World

A friend of mine once told me, “I wish there was like… a dubstep circus.” “Oh,” I replied, “you obviously don’t know about Lucent Dossier.”

Indeed, at its core, the Lucent Dossier Experience can be described in its simplest form as a dubstep circus. But to describe it in its simplest form would be somewhat of a disservice. There is so much more to it. Lucent Dossier Experience is just that– an experience, and a transformative one at that. Imagine if Cirque du Soleil added a killer West Coast Bass soundtrack and only cost $20 to see. Imagine a troupe of psychedelic spirits dancing with fire to music produced by your carnie dentist who lives on the moon. Imagine acrobatic stunts, facial expressions, and body movements that you didn’t know existed. And imagine some of the loudest, proudest bass music known to man. Now mix all of these things together in a witch’s cauldron, add some paint and lighter fluid, and throw it EVERYWHERE. A Lucent Dossier show is a finely tuned, intricately crafted, and thoroughly polished experience, but it celebrates a new age of creativity, spontaneity, and downright madness. Oh, and onesies. Because no matter how bad things get in this strange world we live in, we will always have onesies.


Having recently debuted their new show in Los Angeles and San Francisco, Lucent Dossier looks ahead to once again taking the festival circuit by storm, including their annual spotlight performances at Coachella and Lightning in a Bottle. To go along with their new show and tour, they have released their highly anticipated second album, Light of the World. The 7-track album, their first major release since 2012’s Gateway EP, features a pleasant blend of heavy bass and downtempo world/tribal sounds. Lucent Dossier fans know this unique blend of music all too well, and thus they are now rewarded with new music and new performances to stimulate the mind, body, and soul. The brilliance of Lucent Dossier is that as fantastic as their live shows are, their music itself holds its own as a remarkable and engaging production, and Light of the World only serves as further evidence to that fact. A Lucent Dossier performance is something special, but a Lucent Dossier track is just as special in its own right. Luckily for us, we have 7 new mystical tracks (see below) to be mesmerized by.


Download Light of the World on iTunes or stream the tracks on SoundCloud. And for your own good, get yourself to a Lucent Dossier Experience show this year.


  1. As Above So Below

  2. Aqueous Mystified (feat. Stephan Jacobs)

  3. Gypsy Eyes

  4. Kundalini

  5. Maat Magick (feat. Imagika Om)

  6. Shaman’s Dance

  7. Sing Sing Sing (Remix)