Matt’s House 009


Welcome back to the place for some great house! Sorry about the short hiatus, I promise to make it up to you with some awesome tunes for your listening pleasure. Check out the three bellow and be sure to show the artists some love on their social media outlets.


First up, we have the latest from producer Alex Schulz. This feel good tropical house track is sure to touch the musical emotion bone out there. Throw this one on outside and catch some rays while you listen.


Next up, we have the latest from jackLNDN. This guy has been on a tear as of late! If you have yet to hear any of his other stuff, stop what you are doing, and go right to his soundcloud right now.


Last up, we have a G-house bomb from Dr. Fresch. This one has some serious sass and some serious kick. Grab this one now and go play it loud!