Griz Is Back With New Album ‘Say It Loud’

say it loud

The Detroit native and funk master Griz has done it again with his newest production for 2015. Consisting of a full album with eleven massive horn filled tracks there is no doubt that Say It Loud is one of the best electronic albums to be released as of yet this year. Compiling a mass of samples over the past year traveling the world Griz said “…Say It Loud is an album that took me all around the United States recording sounds from funk jam sessions, to children’s choirs, to trumpet solos in the forest and saxophone lines in the boiler room of my house. It is an album for everyone.” Griz and his massive saxo-sound carry the album, but there is a feeling of something much bigger than just Griz and his horn on this record. There is an orchestral feeling of production with a plethora of electronic and acoustic elements all working together to make each build and drop truly as whole and massive as it could possibly be. With that said go show the man himself some love as Griz continues to offer all his music to the public for no cost at all, there is no doubt a lot of work went into Say It Loud so keep supporting the live shows and just maybe the music will stay free!

Free Download: Say It Loud – Full Album

Speaking of live shows, GRiZ is in the midst of a massive touring schedule that has him performing all over North America through September. GRiZ will be playing everywhere from intimate clubs to some of the Summer’s biggest festivals. It’s a testament to how in-demand the 24-year-old producer is and it’ll be a chance for him to showcase the excellent music he put out on Say It Loud.

Tickets for select dates are already sold out, including the San Francisco show, so make sure to head to to GRiZ tour page for more info: