Kill Paris Releases New Full Length Album “Galaxies Between Us” [FREE DOWNLOAD]


For the duration of the time we have been aware of Kill Paris here at MMIBTY, it’s difficult – if not impossible – to remember any of his productions we didn’t like. He’s always proven himself to be a humble, talented producer, more concerned with his craft than ever with fame. So imagine my excitement to see that he had finally come out with his next big release Galaxies Between Us, which is being self-released for free on his website (and also on iTunes if you want to show your support). It’s no coincidence that this album drops right as Kill Paris is about to embark on tour, hoping to drive already eager fans to his exciting live show.

The sound itself on the album on first listen seems mellow by KP standards; he certainly has turned down the heavy and punchy bass that many of his productions had become known for and that had characterized his sound from the start. Instead, the direction is much more poppy, with a definite disco influence. The lead single “Operate” is actually not one of my favorite tracks, but there are some really nice standouts on the album. The vibe of the record matches up perfectly with the inbound spring weather and has me excited to check him out when he blows through Boston next month. Check out the album below and be sure to check out his Facebook page to see when he stops by your city on tour!