Flume feat. Andrew Wyatt – Some Minds (Lowself Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Wow. Most of my first impressions of the many, many remixes of the latest Flume track “Some Minds” have never met the expectations as I imagine Harley Streten carries for himself and everyone else who touches his tracks. This edit by Lowself, formerly known as Fake Static Noise, is a self taught music producer out of Belgium and has shown a consistent record of putting out some high energy remixes from everyone from G-Eazy to Capital Cities.

Pumping in some crazy synths and taking the overall volume of the song to a level which the original only showed promise of, Lowself has truly created a memorable remix worthy of Flume’s legendary production style.

Check out the remix below and be sure to snag the free download- this is going to be one you’re not going to want to miss out on.