Worthy Provides His Top-5 Tracks for Dirtybird BBQ This Weekend

dirtybird bbq san francisco

Only two dates remain for the 2015 Dirtybird BBQ tour and you bet your ass you’ll see me this Sunday at San Francisco’s Treasure Island. San Francisco, as Dirtybird fans know, is where it all started. And it only makes sense that’s where it ends (until the Dirtybird Campout that is).


On hand this Sunday will be Dirtybird’s All-Star lineup including Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, J.Phlip, Christian Martin, Worthy, and Ardalan. On top of that Grillson will be cooking up some of your grilled favorites to keep your bellies full while the dancing continues from 12pm-8pm.

We recently sat down with Worthy for an interview (CLICK HERE IF YOU MISSED IT), but today the beat-maker gave us his top-5 tracks for the Dirtybird BBQ this weekend. Whether you’re a DJ or going to enjoy the afternoon, here are some jams you need to keep your eyes on. *See below each track for comments from Worthy*

Justin Jay – Hit It

“I can guarantee this track is going to be played more than once at the BBQ. This is going to be such a massive song on the label and will rock the hell out of the dance floor this weekend”

Billy Kenney – I Eat Beats (Ardalan Remix)

“Ardalan killed on the remix of Billy Kenney. With proper good vibes, its perfect for those afternoon sunset sets and has enough grit and dirt to destroy at a dirtybird BBQ. I can’t wait to eat a burger and drink a beer to this bad boy dropping!”

Claude VonStroke – Barrump

“Big one here from the big man. Barrump has those pure BBQ vibes with a ton of funk to slay any BBQ and heat up those grills to just the right temp.”

Fort Knox Five – Keep It Poppin (Worthy Remix)

“One of my favorite remixes I did this year. I have been playing this one in all of my sets and it always sets the tone with the most positive vibrations with that perfect amount of bass and funk. A meaningful song to say the least: Long live Jon H!!!”

Ciszak – More Sugar Please (Original Mix)

“A perfect track to get the party going and get people hungry, I can guarantee I will be playing this on Sunday. It has such a nice bounce and drive and craziness to it without going way over the top. The smoke will be bouncing to this one for sure.”