I Can’t Stop Listening To… Claptone’s Remix of “Omen”

omen claptone

Whether you’re a fan of Pop music or Electro/Dance, you’d have to be living under a rock to be unaware that British superstars Disclosure released a new album called Caracal last month. The album certainly went in a direction away from their Garage club tracks and more into the mainstream/pop world, but either way many of the tracks have been all over the place – both in original and remix form. While I respect Disclosure and love their music (more their older stuff), I’m here today to call out Claptone’s fantastic remix “Omen”.

“Omen” came out at the end of July as the second single from Caracal and with it came a handful of remixes by established names like Claude VonStroke and Jonas Rathsman as well as Motez and Klyne. As I’ve said time and time again, there’s just some sort of magic that comes from Claptone in the studio. I don’t know if it’s his white gloves, his black top-hat-looking-thing, or his gold mask, but just about every track he produces is, well, the color of his mask. I was fortunate enough to see Claptone this past Friday here in San Francisco and when his remix of “Omen” came on the dance floor went nuts. Beyond that, I had the pleasure of spinning the track during my birthday party and it too created joy among my guests.

Claptone is easily one of the best and most consistent House producers out there and along with that his mixes and live sets do not disappoint. If you want a song that you don’t care about getting stuck in your head, that you can play for your friends and get a party started with, look no further.

Full version on YouTube: