CRSSDtober 2015

IMG_4143Well once again I can say CRSSD festival truly blew our minds for the second time in one year! Everything from the venue, to the talent, to the weather was truly and undeniably amazing. As we embarked upon our second adventure to San Diego’s jaw dropping Waterfront park we were unsure what to expect as we knew there had definitely been some changes made since the first edition of the house music driven festival. There were the obvious changes such as relocating the porta-potties so that they weren’t in the middle of the garden that was “trampled” in the spring. Then there were bigger changes such as moving the palms stage to accommodate all the new fountains that have been added to the other end of the park. Fountains at both stages was a game changer without a doubt, and it would almost seem The Palms may have held more people’s attention than Main Stage for the majority of the weekend. Some highlights for us definitely came during the three back to back sets in a row that took place at The Palms stage on day 1, without a doubt these were some of the biggest sets of the weekend. Other highlights for us would have to include a massive set from Anna Lunoe (video available here), an epic afternoon set from Justin Jay on Saturday that got us all dancing real early. Zhu also had the crowd just mind boggled as he serenaded us into the night with his ever so smooth production. Sunday brought even more amazing artists as Kygo had the crowd grooving during the golden hour clearly, and without a doubt Banks and Maya Jane Coles also brought their A games and left all of us craving for more. With all that said check out some of our favorite tracks from the weekend below, and then be sure to check out the photo album here as well. We are giving CRSSD two huge thumbs up once again and we hope to see you all again in six months because lord knows we won’t ever miss this festival!