ICYMI: Eats Everything Wants to go Dancing (Again)

eats everything dancing again

Quick shoutout to this gem of a dance floor destroyer, and to its revival thanks to Eats Everything. Tiga and Audion released the infectious “Let’s Go Dancing” back in 2013 and it was one of those songs that just moved bodies, whether it was the original track, remixes, or the acapella vocals being layered over another beat. After its release, it was aboard Holy Ship 2014 that I had heard this infectious remix of “Let’s Go Dancing”, with a devastating drop full of grime but no idea who produced it. One of the DJs who played this remix most was Justin Martin, and when I crossed paths with him on the Ship, the answer to my question was Eats Everything. Of course it was!

So, 2013-14 saw heavy play of “Let’s Go Dancing” but the last couple months of 2015 have seen heavy play of “Dancing (Again)”. There was such high demand for Eats Everything to release his fantastic remix that it finally came out last month on Method White which is Disclosure’s new label. Since Disclosure and Eats Everything have become such good friends, it only makes sense that “Dancing” was dropped on the label.

I’m not joking when I say I’ve heard “Dancing” at least five times in the past week, on various mixes and even during a live DJ set on Halloween. This one is a true gem and needs to be added to any House DJ’s collection.

TURN IT UP! | Purchase on Beatport | *see hilarious video below*