Listen: Carmada – Carmalude


With an EP released in 2014 after joining the OWSLA family, Carmada has been an up and coming duo, with a big promise in the electronic music scene for years to come. Their hit single Maybe, does an amazing job combining smooth, melodic piano chord progressions, with an unpredicted killer bass drop to get everyone’s head banging game started. Pushing the boundaries of the Australian electronic scene, Carmada steps outside the box, and brings you unexpected, mind blowing tracks.

If you’re having a bad day or feeling down in any way, play Carmalude loud enough and let the good vibes fill you in. The colorful Aussie duo Carmada, formed by producers Yahtzel and LDRU, have blown my mind with their kaleidoscopic feels. Carmalude’s intro is instantly energetic, with a saxophone that will steal your ears away. Filled with some arpeggiated sounds, and a funky, compressed drop, this track will get you in a Carmalude state of mind.