valentine shhh anything

Holy Future Bass. It’s been a while since I just sat on my computer and let my SoundCloud stream play from one track to the next, but am I glad I did on this Monday night. And Mondays always benefit from feel-good songs that put a smile on your face, as Valentine & Shhh‘s “Anything” did to me tonight. This is the wonder of social media and music sharing in 2016, as I never would have known about Valentine and/or Shhh if not for the reposting of this track in my SoundCloud feed. The track is a gem and takes advantage of probably the hottest sample of the moment, “the funny kid from Goodnight Moon” (seriously, I’ve heard so many songs recently using this sample – it’s hilarious). As for “Anything”, it’s chill and hyphy all in the same track and that’s an impressive thing to pull off – so kudos to you Valentine & Shhh.

I’ll definitely be checking out more from these guys and I’m sure you will too. Enjoy the free download!