Justin Martin Releases Second Full-Length Album “Hello Clouds”

4/20 was a special day this year. And I’m talking more special than usual for you weed-heads out there. Yesterday saw the release of the highly-anticipated, long-awaited sophomore album release by Dirtybird co-founder Justin Martin, called Hello Clouds. Picking a favorite Dirtybird member is like picking a favorite child – you just simply can’t favor one. But I will say that J-Mart is possibly the most-energetic, most-entertaining one out of the bunch – whether it’s his antics aboard Holy Ship, his affinity for hanging out and eating pizza with you at his shows, or his hilarious Snapchat stories – the dude has curated many dedicated fans around the globe, myself included.

While Justin Martin is known for making clubs THUMP from coast to coast and around the world, his two albums (including 2012’s Ghettos & Gardens) show his breadth and depth as a music producer, an artist, and a visionary. Over the years many of Justin Martin’s singles have been meant for the club, but with 13 tracks on Hello Clouds you can expect to be taken on an aural journey. You can expect some uplifting tracks, some booty-shakin’ tunes, and some perfectly weird Dirtybird-esque sounds that we’ve come to love over the years.

On the album Justin is joined by his friends Ardalan, Kill Frenzy, and Ardalan – also Dirtybird studs – and some lesser-known names in Femme, Lena Cullen, Charlotte OC, and Mohna. And it wouldn’t be a Dirtybird party without Justin’s brother Christian Martin on board for the track “Midnight”. Says Justin:

“I reached out to specific artists who currently inspire me,” Martin explains, “artists I think the world needs to hear more of.”

Hello Clouds certainly is a complete album from start to finish and one you need for your bedroom, your headphones, and the parties you plan to throw this weekend. See below for full track listing and a word or phrase I chose to associate with each track. AND SHOW JUSTIN SOME LOVE!

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*Don’t forget Dirtybird Quarterly is on again tomorrow at Mezzanine SF! This will be a special one as Justin will be celebrating the release of Hello Clouds*

  1. Dive In: Uplifting
  2. Hello Clouds (with Femme): Acid Roland TB-303
  3. The Feels: Slappin’ da bass!
  4. Odyssey (with Lena Cullen): Pillow talk
  5. Upcountry: Smoke about it
  6. Rabbit Hole (with Charlotte OC): Chill-inducing vocals
  7. Be Mine: Uplifting funk
  8. Back to the Jungle (with Will Clarke): BOOTY CLAPPIN’
  9. Tropical Storm Mango: Rainy day, dream away
  10. Wet Cat (Sooo WET) ft. Kill Frenzy & Ardalan: Perfectly weird
  11. Midnight (with Christian Martin): Martin Brothers Two-Step
  12. U R Here: Sultry melodies
  13. Hold Them (With Mohna): Closing song