Stanton Warriors Mix for NEST HQ is Absolutely Lit!

I will never forget the first time my good friend Joe Pray introduced me to the English breaks duo known as the Stanton WarriorsI am quickly reminded of that day upon hitting play on their newest hour long guest mix for the guys over at NEST HQ. Finding myself wondering yet again, ‘What are these guys doing differently? And why is it so damn good?’. For me it is the breaks, these guys don’t always stick to the traditional four on the floor house model that we have become so familiar with. Creating exciting tempos and transitions that keep the listener on their toes, the Warriors aren’t simply conforming as they continue to innovate and reach to the far corners of the globe for influences. From Brazil to Bristol to Germany these guys have pulled tunes from all over for this mix and it is pretty apparent as new sounds are continuously introduced throughout the hour. Unfortunately due to the underground nature of this mix we do not have a track list, and to be fair the guys did let us know most of these tracks are unreleased as of right now so it would be rather pointless anyways. With that said if you’re like myself and enjoy finding things first, then this mix will definitely make ya dance! If not maybe Shazam will have the answers in a couple months, regardless this is a great hour of music from the truly legendary Stanton Warriors.