Martin Solveig Continues to Do It Right

Martin Solveig is one of those producers who just doesn’t seem to miss. Pretty much all of Solveig’s tracks are catchy and fun, but manage to avoid the annoyance of Pop or the cheesiness of traditional EDM. I may be a month late in posting this, but as far as I’m concerned there’s no expiration date for writing about Martin Solveig’s latest track “Do It Right”, which is easily going to be one of the anthems of this Summer. The track highlights Tkay Maidza on vocals, with the repeating hook of “Do it right all night” over a fun House beat that features steel drums and cow bells. “Do It Right” has a tried-and-true Martin Solveig sound, similar to his recent tracks “+1” and “Intoxicated”. The video, below, is equally as fantastic and shows Solveig with plenty of swag and some can’t-miss sexual innuendos.

I absolutely adore Martin Solveig as a producer and especially as a DJ and you really can’t find anyone quite like him in the dance music world (and you’ve got to respect his passion for Tennis).

If you haven’t heard them already, check out Martin Solveig’s new radio show series “My House” because they throw some absolute heaters at you. This dude is certainly on top of the game and will be for years to come!