Deadmau5, Fehrplay, and Richard Knott Release Progressive Gems

For me, it’s always refreshing to hear sprawling, complex songs that may not necessarily be composed for the clubs but are absolutely worth listening to during those “other” times. Maybe it’s a long car ride, a trip to the gym to blow off some steam, or a chill afterparty with your friends to wind down a night. That’s why I’m excited to share two recent releases by artists who are well-versed in the Progressive world: Deadmau5, Fehrplay, and Richard Knott.

I’ve posted about all three artists on various occasions (see above links) – they are some of my favorites in the dance music world. Deadmau5 needs no introduction, but it should be noted he was a gateway for me into electronic music – taking me from a casual to a diehard fan. Fehrplay is someone who has climbed up the ranks, thanks in part to his mentor Eric Prydz. Richard Knott, hailing from the UK, is a bit lesser-known, but if you dig into his productions and live sets you’ll see he has a very clean and refined sound – definitely skilled.

Both Deadmau5’s new track “Saved” and Fehrplay & Richard Knott’s release “Solidus” are long, winding tracks devoid of vocals but full of melody. The tracks take you on a musical journey and despite not being able to sing along to them, the intricacies of each composition hold your attention through the complete start to finish.

Fehrplay has been on a tear lately, so you can expect to hear more greatness from him. And with Deadmau5, “Saved” is out now on his We Are Friends, Vol. 5 compilation.

If you like what you hear give the dudes props!