#TBT: Natema & Enzo Gomez Feat. Jeremy Goddard – BMW (Black Magic Woman)

Way before I was listening to Dance and Electronic Music I was enveloped in the sounds of Classic Rock. My dad would drive us around wherever we were going and almost always the radio was locked on 100.7 WZLX, Boston’s Classic Rock station. Since my dad lived his college days in the 1970s, it was only fitting that he didn’t want to let go of artists like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, and the legend himself Mr. Carlos Santana.

Growing up, I had the chance to listen to my father’s record collection and one my favorite albums to throw on was Santana’s Abraxas. One of the biggest songs to come off that album was “Black Magic Woman” which, to this day, is still a massive and widely popular tune. The lyrics, the guitar solo, and the Latin vibes all set up for pure musical bliss.

Yesterday I was listening to a fantastic Nu Disco mix (see below) and one of the tracks that came on was Natema & Enzo Gomez’s “BMW”, which obviously stands for Black Magic Woman. The track starts off with a 4×4 House beat but I could hear the licks to “Black Magic Woman” slowly but surely coming in to the mix. Before I knew it the main part of the song dropped into some bass-heavy Nu Disco funk that had me immediately Shazaaming the song.

What I found was a song that was released about a year ago, but since it’s brand new to me I’m quickly adding it to my collection. “BMW” is a perfect track because it appeals to both my House junkie side and my classic rock side – and will surely be recognizable any time I play it in my DJ sets. How about that cow bell?!

Check out the track below for a #TBT special and let the boys know you love it!