No Sophomore Slump In Store For Dirtybird Campout 2016

Remember that feeling you used to get as a kid when something exciting was on the horizon but you couldn’t wait until you were experiencing it? You know, those excited butterflies in your stomach that had you jumping for joy and annoying the shit out of your parents? For me, it was when my mom took me to get a happy meal (actually… that still excites me) or when I’d go to a candy store (yes a literal kid in a candy store. I guess that still excites me too…). These days I don’t get new toys too often, though I’m anxiously awaiting a new backpack (isn’t that sad?), and I’m almost always going out to delicious meals, so that leaves me with experiences that I get stoked in anticipation for.

I’ve had a busy 2016: Snow Globe Music Festival, Holy Ship, CRSSD, Lightning in a Bottle, Electric Forest, and Northern Nights have all come and gone. Those, of course, are on top of the countless shows and smaller events I’ve attended. This is not to brag, but to point out quite the opposite – that I’m quickly getting burnt out. Well if there’s anything that can cure my burnt-out-ness and get me excited again it’s Dirtybird Campout – happening for its second year this October 7-9 in Silverado, CA (outside Anaheim). A large part of Dirtybird Campout’s production is thanks to the fantastic Do Lab, who are responsible for Lightning in a Bottle, Woogie Weekend, and of course the Do Lab stage at Coachella. Knowing this, you can expect even bigger things during Campout weekend!

Remember when I mentioned above that I used to get so excited about impending experiences that I’d annoy the shit out of my parents? Well, not much has changed. The only difference these days is that I annoy the shit out of my friends. I was sold on Dirtybird Campout last year but unfortunately I was unable to attend – so I knew 2016 would be my year. Over the past several weeks announcements have come out, such as yesterday’s release of the final musical lineup (see below).

From what I hear, Dirtybird Campout is a Dirtybird fan’s wet dream. Three straight days of Dirtybird musical madness on top of interacting with the crew and playing Summer camp games could not be a more perfect weekend for me. I love the music, I love the shenanigans the Dirtybird crew puts on, and spending my days at Summer camp as a youth is a memory I’d like to relive in my adulthood (yeah it was kinda like this).

Those close to me, and readers of this blog, know that I’m a Dirtybird fanboy. It’s something about the music (booty bass anyone?), the vibes of the fans, and the don’t-give-a-fuck attitude of everyone involved in Dirtybird makes it the perfect party concoction. I’m treating Dirtybird Campout very much like I did with Holy Ship – bummed I didn’t make the first year but very music incredibly excited to experience it in its sophomore year.

Musically, I’m excited for all the Dirtybird Players like Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, Christian Martin, Ardalan, Kill Frenzy, Will Clarke, and Shiba San, but I’m also excited for friends and unique acts like Green Velvet, Justin Jay & Friends, Doorly, Catz ‘N Dogz, and so many more. A standout recording from 2015 was Barclay Crenshaw which is the real name of Claude VonStroke and the set he laid down early in the morning with more Future Bass and Hip Hop influences. I’m very stoked to see Barclay will be doing it again!

Folks, Dirtybird Campout is just about two months away and tickets are going fast. Make sure you’re there for possibly one of the most entertaining music festivals to emerge on U.S. soil (I’ll be the judge don’t worry) by grabbing your tickets here!

Dirtybird Campout Line