Felix Jaehn Starts Off His 2017 Tour at Bang Bang!


This past Thursday we had the pleasure of sitting down with the incredibly talented Felix Jaehn after his recent arrival in the states merely a day before. With his flight to the US consisting of a nine hour time change it only made sense to give himself a day to acclimate said the young producer hailing from Hamburg, Germany. Accompanied by his loyal manager, Felix began his 2017 tour in San Diego and then quickly made his way up the west coast to SF and then Vancouver. Then he plans to hop over to the east coast where he will be making all the necessary stops from Boston, to New York, and finally to our nations capitol in Washington DC. At which point Felix shared with us he will then hop back on a plane and cruise all the way back to Los Angeles to work with some other artists and producers for about a week.

At just twenty-two years old Felix has been studying and creating music on his own for the past five years. During this time he attended Point Blanke music school in London for which he credits a lot of his knowledge and inspiration. This is Felix’s sixth time coming to the States in the past couple years, and with that he says he has every plan of returning soon and often. With his hit single Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better)clearly placing Felix on the map as a house producer to be reckoned with, he says he has been working vigorously on the production of his first album which he hopes to have done shortly. Jaehn says he is excited to be able to release more then just a single or a remix, and he will be working with Universal Music/Republic Records to bring this to your listening ears as soon as possible.

Felix has big plans for the future and is looking to work with some of his peers in creating a truly live music experience to bring to the stage. Jaehn has already premiered this tour in Europe where he was not only DJing, but he was also playing the drums, and the marimba. Felix invited singers and musicians on stage to join him as he moved around Europe creating a truly unique experience each evening. Jaehn shared with us that his inspiration came from a need for more creativity, and that creating a tour of this variety really gave him so much more room to grow that creativity he was seeking, in comparison to just playing a set or creating another single. Jasmine Thompson even joined Felix for a few shows to perform their chart topper Ain’t Nobody to truly bring the live version of this gem to the people!

Felix and his management team were nothing but a pleasure to work with, and if you have the opportunity we would highly suggest heading out to one of the upcoming stops on the east coast (see photo above). Even more importantly though if you haven’t had a chance to listen to some of Felix’s offerings we have put together a small playlist below consisting of a few of our favorite tracks, but you can always head over to his Soundcloud or Facebook for more goodies. We really enjoyed our time talking with Felix, and look forward to his return to the states, but for now we will just keep his remix of Omi’s Cheerleader on loop!