Artist Spotlight: NiT GriT

Hailing from San Jose California DJ Danny Bealle is making moves under his stage name NiT GriT and quickly becoming a prominent name in the dubstep, grime, and glitch type scene. NiTGriT is currently playing a few shows in California, no official tour dates have been set but he usually makes his way from coast to coast at least once a year and I know that he played at Coachella this summer and will be in Denver and Snowmass on September 2nd and 3rd. NiT GriT has really managed to make his way to the head of the dubstep scene by creating new sounds that add to his overall sound as an artist. Any dubstep song can knock the speakers out of your car but it is the addition of another element whether its vocals, a certain sound, or some outrageous mixing. It is the addition of this something extra that really keeps me coming back for more and more NiT GriT. So enjoy these couple tracks, one is just a sample of a track he has not finished but the vocals are by Marvin Gaye and when the beat drops it is an extremely progressive and fucking awesome sound! Thats all for this M.A.S.(Monday Artist Spotlight).

Nit-Grit-This Old Heart

Nit-Grit-The Awakening

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (NiT GriT clip) by NiT GriT