Boy Kid Cloud and NEW Dillon Francis

Another DANK dubstep track from a UK’er.  They must just be born with the skills.  This is an incredible track from an artist Boy Kid Cloud who’s signed to Dandy Kid Records.  This track has a nice melody to it with some vocals that reassure you there’s “plenty of flavor” to this track then a very sweet drop.  Has some great strategically placed silent moments where you wonder whether the song just ended and then SLAM – you get hit with the bass.

Boy Kid Cloud – Flaaavour

As a bonus for you guys, here’s the new Dillon Francis track that dropped on his Facebook page about a week back or so.  Been loving this track.  Drop will throw you off at first – as does most things Francis does – but will impress you, again as Francis does all too well.  This guy is blowing up and also just got the opportunity to do the summer mix for HARD which came Tuesday.  Pretty impressive for some guy who produces (and practically invented) a kind of music nobody seems to know how to pronounce – moombahton.

Take It Back (Dillon Francis Remix)

Dillon Francis – HARD Summer 2011 Mix