Dillon Francis – Beautician

WHAT DO YOU KNOW BOUT DILLON FRANCIS?  Well aside from having a cool name and righteous demeanor (and apparently an interesting obsession with blood), this dubstep, moombaton and “I-make-whatever-kind-of-fucking-music-I-like” partyboy hailing from LA has just been crushing it with the production lately. Rising to fame through the GottaDanceDirty blog out of SoCal, with credit also due to his ridicuous style, he has come to produce a handful of banging remixes (see Laidback Luke & Diplo-“Hey” (Dillon Francis Remix) and his awesome Like a G6 remix) and original tracks. This one, despite being a couple months old, is one of the greatest tracks I’ve ever heard come from Mr. Francis.  Hopefully, we’ll see more like this to come. Never had a chance to see him live but I wouldn’t doubt it’s a rocking time.

[audio:https://mymusicisbetterthanyours.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Beautician.mp3|titles=Beautician – Dillon Francis]

Beautician – Dillon Francis

[audio:https://mymusicisbetterthanyours.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Like-A-G6-Dillon-Francis-Remix.mp3|titles=Like A G6 (Dillon Francis Remix)]

Far East Movement – Like a G6 (Dillon Francis Remix)