Certifiable BANGER: Barnett Lobel ft. Sue Cho – Yours Tonight

Whooo!  Now I’ve posted a lot of quality music lately but it’s been a while since I’ve come across something as legit as this.  Listening to this song reminds me of the first time I heard Undertaker by Wolfgang Gartner or Skrillex’s “In For The Kill” remix.  Yup, it’s that good.  And interestingly enough, this guy is an American too.  This guy Barnett Lobel is a newcomer but has come onto the scene with a bang(er).  The song Yours Tonight features Sue Cho who we’ve seen before in this arena doing vocal work for Porter Robinson and Lazy Rich.  This song can only be classified as electro house dubstep (or as Lobel himself describes it: “complex electro”).  You’ll find this song has a feel similar to all the big electro house hard-hitters with the drops that remind you of everything you love about Skrillex.  Just listen already.

UPDATE: So I guess the version I originally heard of this song was actually the Terabyte Frenzy remix which takes Lobel’s creation and adds a little more kick to it.  If you’re finding the one originally posted too housey, you should probably check out the remix.  My bad, I got a little confused.  Good thing both are bangers.  I’m still more partial to the original though.

Barnett Lobel ft. Sue Cho – Yours Tonight (Original Mix)

Barnett Lobel ft. Sue Cho – Yours Tonight (Terabyte Frenzy Remix)

Check out his SoundCloud here.