Drop the Lime, Drops the Ball in Burlington at Nectars

Photo: marksmithphotography.com
Soup here folks, been a crazy week up here in the burl. As is standard June 1st behavior the town has become and absolute mess and people have thrown all there morals and cares to the wind, everyone has reason to celebrate and everyone is throwing their furniture and unwanted items on the curbs in front of their houses. Basically Burlington is a dump at the moment, and when I didn’t think it could get much worse until I took off work sunday night to attend 2Kdeep’s usually epic Sunday Night Mass. This months’ guest DJ was Drop The Lime from New York City, and its a damn shame he didn’t leave his “I’m too cool for Vermont” hipster attitude back there. I had spent the previous day in the Nectars kitchen blasting his soundcloud, which honestly has some extremely dope beats on it, and making it known to all the employees at Nectars that this was not an event to be missed. Unfortunately, I was wrong, and I should have stayed home and watched HBO’s Game of Thrones and saved the fifty bucks I spent on drinks. It sucks that he had to be an asshole in VT because everyone was stoked on him coming, but when asked at 2am to stop playing he did happily, but not without leaning his head back and spitting on the Metronome ceiling, and debatably caught some of the loogie on the way down in his own mouth. Honestly Drop The Lime, your no rockstar, you’re no Rusko, and Burlington is fucking bummed on your performance. This guy has some killler tracks and a sick sound of his own, full of old western themed sounds and ill saxophone samples, unfortunately he acted like a child in Burlington, but the man does have some banger samples he just wasn’t feelin’ BTV I guess???

Drop The Lime-Hot as Hell (AC Slater Remix)

Drop The Lime-Sex Sax