Survival Sunday: TRIPLE D’s – Dillon Francis, Diplo, and Dubstep

Well, it’s been another weekend and, if you’re reading this, you’ve survived.  And as is customary on MMIBTY, we celebrate this fact with some of the best tunes from the week.  If there is one day you check this blog, make it Sunday because these tracks are APPROVED.

First off, I need to give props to Dillon Francis for putting on a hell of a show Thursday night at Beauty Bar in Denver.  Having never seen Dillon Francis before and being that my opinion on moombahton still hadn’t been formed, I had no idea what to expect.  Not only did I not expect only about 40 people to be there (which at first was a little strange, I must admit) but I was impressed by his mixing skills and his awesome song selection.  He started his set with a good 45 minutes of straight moombahton-which was actually awesome live-but then slowly transitioned into crushing dubstep and dropped his hit “Beautician” and his “Take It Back” and “Look at Me Now” remixes, during which the crowd went wild.  Highlight of the show was definitely when Mr. Francis extended his near-full bottle of Maker’s Mark across the DJ booth and insisted that the crowd pass it around until it was drained.  Don’t think the staff was too stoked but it was one of the most bad-ass things I’ve ever seen a DJ do at a live set.  Definitely don’t miss Dillon Francis if you have the chance: he’ll be all over the festival circuit this summer and if you still aren’t so sure on moombahton, you will be after seeing him breathe incredible life into it live.  [Gallery after the jump]

Now to get into some of this weeks tracks.  This week was a good one and you will definitely want to cop every one of these tracks.  First, NEW DIPLO!  If you don’t know anything about me, here’s your clue that I LOVE Diplo.  He is a straight boss – makes whatever kind of music he wants, does whatever project he wants (see: Major Lazer!) and brings the best of hip-hop and electronic music together.  If you’ve never heard of Diplo, slap yourself across the face now –  he is one of the most talented American producers today.  This collabo with Douster might take a few listens to warm up to it but this is a really fun song.  Just wait till the drop at 1:01 and you’ll be dancing.

Diplo & Douster – ON!

Next up is an awesome remix of the new summer anthem “I’m On One” featuring the usual cast of DJ Khaled’s crew.  I thought the original version of this song was pretty lackluster but add in some dubstep beats and I’m sold.

DJ Khaled – I’m On One (ft. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne) [Karetus Remix]

Finally, this isn’t that new but I needed a a chance to post it so y’all would listen to it and download it.  Dubstep producer Masuka’s first official release is a remix of N.A.S.A.’s hit with Kanye West “Gifted”.  This remix was officially sanctioned by N.A.S.A. themselves and that’s why Masuka was able to release this for free!  You won’t even be halfway through the song before you start chiming in with “Y’all motherfuckers know who this is!”

N.A.S.A. ft. Kanye West – Gifted (Masuka Remix)

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