Lazerdisk Party Sex, Japanese Popstars, and Major Lazer!

What up Everyone! Haven’t posted in a little while, I haven’t been doing much other than slaving away at work (unfortunately the Fourth of July is not a “real holiday” at my work). Although, since I have been working so much, I have also been able to listen to tons of new music while cooking gravy fries and the like at Nectar’s VT, and to make things even better the first new track I have for you is from Lazerdisk Party Sex, a group that began their musical endeavors right here in Burlington, VT. Lazerdisk has taken this Afrojack and Quintino original and put their own twist on it, adding some real heavy drops and some really innovative sounds that I hadn’t yet the heard the likes of from Lazerdisk until now. These guys have been getting better and better over the past couple years and by the sounds of this one they are really coming into their own, so without further ado here is Burlington’s own Lazerdisk Party Sex!

Afrojack & Quintino – Selecta (Lazerdisk Party Sex Remix)

Up next, I have a video and download from the Japanese Popstars entitled Let Go. This song really caught my liking not just because it is an explosive electro-banger, but because it really is just an alternative song at heart with some really awesome acoustic-sounding electro drops that will definitely get your feet moving. I just had to post this one as a music video because I will admit the song is amazing but I was also fairly mesmerized by this video interpretation of the song… It is Genius! Without further ado though, just relax and let these simply face melting animations and natural drops boggle your mind.

Japanese Popstars – Let Go

Finally, I have to make my contribution to the ruckus lately that is MOOMBAHTON. Found this track a week or two back and it is quickly becoming a top-played song on my iPhone so I figured I had to share it. This song is a Major Lazer remix that features not only Santigold but also some of the newest work from the Beastie Boys. This track is like many other Major Lazer tracks in that it is very fun, upbeat, and guaranteed to get the dance hall moving. Once again big props to Major Lazer and the always enticing Santigold for blessing us with this banger, and then tossing in the Beastie Boys just made it a wrap! Enjoy.

Beastie Boys ft. Santigold – Dont Play No Game That I Cant Win (Major Lazer Remix)

Lazerdisk Party Sex on Fabecook

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Mad Decent!!