Finally Friday: It’s TIME for TIESTO

For those of you not familiar with the Tiesto Club Life Podcast, get a fucking clue.  Say what you will about Tiesto (even though if it’s negative, you’re probably wrong) but the guy knows how to put together one hell of a mix show WEEK AFTER WEEK.  If you’re looking for a good workout mix that always has fresh and high-energy music or just looking for an easy mix to throw on when you’re doing your laundry, turn to Tiesto.  Plus you’ll get the benefit of hearing his “hype-lady” say things like “It’s TIME for TIESTO”, “The greatest DJ… OF ALL TIME” and, my personal favorite, “There’s only one place to be… and that’s right here… WITH TIESTO.”  Haha, OK this guy has a huge ego and you wouldn’t be wrong about that but we must trust in Tiesto.*

My point is that, with a steady stream of bangers, it’s always easy to find some great music off his podcast.  This song came off number 223 a couple weeks back and has an amazing house sound through and through. I literally couldn’t help myself from starting to dance right there in the weight room when it first came on.  It came out in the spring so there’s a chance that you may have heard it, but pick it up regardless.  It’s one hell of a track.

Dirty Rich – Stun (Original Mix)

Since this is a Tiesto-themed post, I have to leave you with something from the mastermind himself.  I have great memories of hearing this track live during his set at EDC Las Vegas and if you have the chance to see him this summer, no doubt you will want to know this song so when he plays it, you can go wild accordingly.

Tiesto – Las Vegas (Original Mix)

*If you’ve never seen Tiesto live, you may not have the appropriate level of appreciation for the man.  Do yourself a favor and go to see him next time you get the chance… You’ll quickly realize why he is one of the most loved and respected DJ’s of all time.