Fresh Remixes By MartyParty

I’ve featured a few tracks by MartyParty in the past including his debut album, Purple, that has received great overall reviews. He truly has a distinct style of producing and DJing that to me really is addictive. The so called purple music that he creates is the perfect blend of electro and dub that everyone should be playing while they twist up after a tough day of work.

Somehow MartyParty has found time to release two original remixes yesterday in the midst of a crazy summer tour. He has been seen at countless venues and festivals this summer including shows under the collaboration PANTyRAiD with buddy Josh Mayer ( Ooah of Glitch Mob). The first remix is of Beats Antique’s new single Revival that has a heavy bassline and some really sweet dubstep drops. The track really showcases his ability to make that purple sound that has become a staple in his productions. The second remix is a little more fun for me as I will also be a fan of Lil Wayne. This remix combines Weezy’s sick lyrics with some signature dub drops that makes you want to go on one of those classic burn cruises we all took back in the day. Enjoy the remixes everyone.

Beats Antique – Revival (MartyParty Remix)

Lil Wayne – Pussy Money Weed (MartyParty Purple Remix)

Go to MartyParty’s website to get all of his new music and find a show near you!