Woah!! It seems like everyone is going old school by bringing back the classics of the legend himself, Marvin Gaye. Today it’s NYC’s Liam Dirlams’ turn to put his “dancerock” style of producing on what our parents would call an “oldie”. Well let me tell ya, this is some brand new music that I really can say I have never heard before. By mixing dubstep, electro, and those sensual lyrics of Mr. Gaye we are given nothing short of an anthem that would work perfectly in just about anyone’s set. Be sure to play this at the next pool party, pregame gathering, or even on the way to work to get you pumped up and feeling good! Be sure to go to his Facebook page to listen to many more tracks that will surely blow your mind.

Marvin Gaye – Grapevine (VOODOO FARM Remix)